Vast Metro Communications

New Home Design and  Installation

Question to be asked
framed_house.jpgMost builders know a lot more about the structures construction than the technologies that go into it. TV and telephone outlets are no longer the only technologies that homeowners are demanding. Make sure your builder understands your needs and wants.

Save Time and Money
Now is the time to take future technologies into consideration. Wiring while the walls are open will save you time and money. Vast Metro Communications will ensure your systems are wired & installed successfully

Things to consider:
  • Will you have more than one computer / Shared Internet Access?
  • Will you have Cable TV, Satellite, antenna or a combination of each?
  • Will you want music through out the house?
  • Will there be an adequate number of telephone outlets for all of your needs? (More than telephones need telephone access now a days, Tivo, satellite to name a few)
  • Will you have a home office?
  • Do you want room to room control?
  • Will there be a Home Theater? With surround sound?
  • Would you like cameras to watch over your residence or maybe the nanny?
  • Is paging or door answering a consideration?